Looking Back

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 12th Aug 2016

Today we know so many methods of looking back in time to re-evaluate our previous dreams, passions and goals. We also know of many methods

Life as a Journey

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 5th Aug 2016

When we begin our conscious spiritual path, nobody knows that it is a way of no return. Every course we take, every event we attend and ever

The Trip

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 27th Jul 2016

I continue my trip through Poland, visiting many beautiful and interesting places, people and attending various events. I must admit that

Renaissance Paintings

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 22nd Jul 2016

I am currently in Poland, my fatherland. Today I have decided to visit the National Museum to one more time see the European Painters of m


Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 14th Jul 2016

Blog – July 15, 2016TravelersHow often do you travel? Due to the nature of my business, I travel a lot, mostly driving. Unfortunately I do

In a Search for Truth

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 7th Jul 2016

My friends constantly send me large amounts of e-mails with links to different websites and pages with supposedly amazing information abou