Products listed in a specially prepared   SPECIAL OFFER  category  are only tarnished due to longer exposure to the light and oxygen.

  • There is nothing wrong with their shapes.
  • They are working perfectly well from an energetic point of view.
  • They are just tarnished and can be cleaned.
  • Wooden pendulum may be slightly scratched, but never to the point of dysfunction of the shape.

Products purchased under  SPECIAL  OFFER   category are  FINAL SALE. 

No returns or exchanges!



  • Ball with point Pendulum

    Special Ball with Point Pendulum

    Ball with Point pendulum has abilities similar to the Ball pendulum, however, it has no witness chamber. The point at the bottom of the pendulum allows it to send a more focused beam of energy. Very useful basic pendum for every beginner dowsers...

    MSRP: $23.50
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  • NEUTRALIZER/ Special  Atlantis Radiation Neutralizer

    NEUTRALIZER/ Special Atlantis Radiation Neutralizer

    You may have those pieces of famous neutralizers at a special, reduced price due to some imperfections in carving inside the shape. As always in Sacred Geometry, the value of form is defined by the precision of the shape's outline. In this sense, those...

    MSRP: $113.50
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