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Clearing process done by Alicja contains:
  • finding and neutralizing of Geopathic Stress zones
  • finding and neutralizing of Black Streams (Underground water vibrations)
  • removing non-beneficial energy forms and patterns
  • arranging inner flow of energy by elements of Feng Shui
  • Checking and clearing all area for EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) disturbances.

Alicja first dowse the place for harmful vibrations from underground. Depends on the intensity and area under the influence of those vibrations, Alicja advises either re-arrangement of furniture or different types of neutralizers.

Second part is dedicated to clearing from non-beneficial energy forms and patterns. In this part Alicja use traditional, ancient procedures of removing those energies and taking them when they belong. They are replaced with frequencies of White and Golden Light – the most beneficial once for human body, mind and spirit.

Third part is about Feng Shui – Alicja explains what should be changed to improve energy flow inside the whole place, what colour, objects or plants may help.

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