Feather Fans
Feather Fans are mostly known for their use by North American Native Community paw wows dancers during ceremonies, but their primal application is to clear spaces or people, along with the usage of smog of sage or a mixture of sacred plants such as tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass. 
Eagle feathers, hawk feathers, and feathers from other endangered or federally protected birds, are only allowed to be carried by Native Americans. For all other nationalities, parrot feathers, macaw feathers, pheasant feather, Impeyan feathers and turkey feathers are all legal to carry, or made into fans. Most of the fans have an odd number of feathers, especially on flat fans, so there is a centre tail.
The majestic meaning behind the Native American feathers came from their belief in Animism. Animism is the 6th belief system in the world, quite forgotten now, but supported by many from the beginning of human evolution. It is based on trust that everything in the universe have soul or spirit and that it exists not only in humans, but also in plants, animals, and natural phenomena. Thus, everything is alive! So, when a feather falls from a bird, Natives see it as a vessel of all the energy carried by its former owner transcended to the recipient deserving its honor.
Of course the most prestigious of them all is the feather of a bald and golden eagles as Natives believe those are connected with the heavens as they soar the highest in the sky. Unfortunately we cannot offer those since first it is forbidden, and second because for Native People they sacred feathers, hence not for sale.
Wild or brown turkey, which we present to you on our website, are revered as a wise bird that fathers are used to create a “fan of honor.” 
Made by Native People in Kentucky, USA. 
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