DOWSING TOOLS IN SETS

Majority of dowsers have quite a collection of dowsing tools, however many times those tools duplicate themselves or are meant to do similar job.

To avoid that we have created quite a few sets for dowsers on different level of skill and interest. It does not matter if you like to dowse for environment or health, if you are a practitioner or "just" a hobbyist - everyone can find here the set, which is just for you, created to make your life easier and your dowsing more acurate.

Enjoy browsing through this section, there is something for you here for sure!

  • Beginner Dowser

    Beginner Dowser

    This set is meant to help people, who just began dowsing and do not require an expensive tools to exercise on building their skills but reliable ones. Pendulums of different sensitivity such as: basic pendulum, which is a teardrop shape, and therapeutic...

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  • Color Therapy Specialist III

    Color Therapy Specialist III

    Set for those, who need to treat themselves or others remotely on ongoing basis. If you travel or have no time to do treatments every day, or if you deal with conditions, which are supposed to be treated all the time, then this is the perfect set to...

    MSRP: $125.00
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  • Therapist


    Therapist If you are a therapist and would like to add dowsing to the list of modalities you offer, or if you would like to become a therapist, or if your goal is to help yourself, your family and friends this is the set you need to start. You will have...

    MSRP: $175.00
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  • Therapist II Therapist II

    Therapist II

    Therapist II - is a set of dowsing tools meant to bring you to a higher level of healing with stronger set of tools. The set consist of the following: pendulum Super-Isis “7”, which operates on White Light level, complemented by a Golden Hue,...

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  • Advanced Therapist II

    Advanced Therapist II

    This exquisite set is for those, who are interested in extremely precise assessing and balancing health using specific elements (according to Periodic Table). Balancing is done remotely by using individual pendulums (with a specific elements sealed...

    MSRP: $540.00
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  • Advanced Therapist

    Advanced Therapist

    This set is for those, who already work with dowsing in their therapeutic sessions and would like to enhance their work further. With this set you can start to work with frequencies above White Light – going to higher octave of light: to Vibration...

    MSRP: $329.50
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  • Environmental Dowser

    Environmental Dowser

    Environmental dowsing became more and more popular and needed, therefore below is a set of tools required for those, who dowse houses (L-Rods) or search for water to dig a well (L-Rods, and Teleradiesthetic). They are used to find an ideal location for...

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  • Advanced Geomancer

    Advanced Geomancer

    This is an enhanced, enlarged, and an extended set for those who are more experienced in working or treating with environmental dowsing. The set contains rods, which were described in Environmental Dowser Set, as well as tools to protect the house (i.e...

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  • Home Protection Kit

    Home Protection Kit

    Every house is endangered with Geopathic Stress. This set is to neutralize all harmful vibrations coming from under ground as well as from surrounding environment (Atlantis Neutralizer). There are also neutralizers for Electro-Magnetic Frequencies...

    MSRP: $296.50
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