Neutralizers are used to counteract non-beneficial influence of Geopathic Stress such as:
• Black Streams (underground water streams)
• faults • radioactive underground deposits
• to mention just a few.
If you are concern about health and well-being of your family and friends, neutralizers can help to adjust energy inside your place or office as well as to create a protective shield around it so you will enjoy your life.
  • Atlantis Radiation Neutralizer

    Atlantis Radiation Neutralizer

     Atlantis Neutralizer protects buildings against Geopathic Stress, EMF and "evil eye", envy and other kinds of detrimental energies. This elegant Atlantis Neutralizer is made of marble with the Atlantis symbol carved into it. It disperses harmful...

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    ADR-5 Neutralizer protects against unhealthy influence of EMF from cells phones, computers, microwave and other electrical appliances. Strengthens your whole body. ADR Protect® is a highly specialized device and serves as a personal protector. So...

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