Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 29th Jun 2016

Some time ago I wrote about James Clark Maxwell, to whom the theory of electromagnetism is coined. Not too many people know, though, that

Returning to the Roots

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 24th Jun 2016

One of our clients came today, and mentioned how scattered she has been recently. She also mentioned that she read my previous blogs and p

Driving Through States...

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 17th Jun 2016

I am teaching and giving treatments as I travel through USA on my way to the American Society of Dowsers Annual Conference. On the way I t

Are you lonely?

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 9th Jun 2016

How often do we think about our life in the context of loneliness? Single people do that probably more often then those with families. But


Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 2nd Jun 2016

In our spiritually aware circles, almost everyone knows and believes in re-incarnations. Spiritual churches talk about and refer to return


Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 27th May 2016

How is it with us, humans, that we are mostly motivated and inspired by lack of something? Why can’t we think and act upon something in ad