The scents capture all our senses simultaneously and ignite our mind, body and spirit. The scents had been with people forever to remind us that it is easier to rise to their Gods and higher dimensions beings through the magic of scents.  Today we have many ways to spread scents around to change our surrounding and our emotions. In this category you can find scents provided in two different ways: oils and sprays - however both are the masterpieces of  Alchemy.
Oils are commonly understood as an essences of specific plants. If they come in a form of a blends of various individual oils, they will provide you with very special, enhanced  abilities. 
Oils have variety of uses for both spiritual and mystical purposes for various aspects of your life. They can be i.e. used for anointing, spell-crafting and for aromatherapy purposes - you may apply them directly on your body, on gifts or letters, or to anointing candles.
Many believe that oils can bring you love, success, good luck or attract spirits you would like to work with.
Sprays are an another form of providing you with the power of the essences of particular plants. Some sprays are created to have beneficial effects like bringing good luck, calmness, harmony, and success. Others are to prevent harm, negative energy, and ill will toward the wearer. It is you and only you who may decide which spray to use and for what purposes. If you want to gift someone with a spray, make sure you know what you want to deliver or help with. 
Sprays are meant to fill your aura and your surrounding with vibrations able to attract your desire. They create “like attracts like” atmosphere in which bigger then usual amount of these frequencies can come to you. They are also very good options for those needing specific vibrations in area where usage of fire (candles) or smells (oils) are forbidden. 
Take a moment, close your eyes, relax and think what you desire, then spray 3-4 sprays around your head. Take a deep breath and allow it to settle on your hair, your face and in your auric field. In the case when you need to spray your place, always go from the further corner to the door, then close door to allow vibrations to work with the energy of that place. Afterwords open the door and windows to vent the area.
Regardless if you use an oil or a spray, always shake the bottle before usage to activate its content. 
Now it is your turn - browse to find what you like and need. Good luck!
  • Moldavite Spray

    Moldavite Spray

    Moldavite Spray is a very relaxing blend of Lavender Hydrosol, essential oils and real Moldavite. In every bottle you can find a piece of real stone, which vibrate its amazing frequencies to the liquid.   Moldavite Spray can be successfully...

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  • Spray - Smudge

    Spray - Smudge

    The most popular spray! Smudges without smoke! Perfect for the room, your car and your body. A blended oils of Sage and Rosemary - the most popular, strong and sought after clearing combination. Very effective and powerful alternative to smudging...

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  • Spray - Road Opener: Remove Obstacles

    Spray - Road Opener: Remove Obstacles

    Remove Obstacles  spray belongs to the Wicked Good Spray Series. A blended oil of frankincense, lemon grass and juniper. Clear a path for yourself or opportunities by spraying this during energy work or even spray to clear your aura...

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  • Spray - Easy Street: Money Draw

    Spray - Easy Street: Money Draw

    Money Draw spray belongs to the Wicked Good Spray Series. A blended oil of date and bergamot. Spray on or around yourself for your out of money situations. It has date to bring good luck, helping you prosper and grow into your destiny. Also included...

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  • Spray - Karma Kleaner: Spiritual Cleansing

    Spray - Karma Kleaner: Spiritual Cleansing

    Spiritual Cleansing spray belongs to the Wicked Good Spray Series.   A blended oil of amber musk and peppermint sage. When the small things start to derail your day, it’s time to clear out that stuck on karma and get your energy moving...

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  • Spray - Dragon Blood - Good Fortune

    Spray - Dragon Blood - Good Fortune

    Good Fortune spray belongs to the Wicked Good Spray Series. A blended oil of Dragon’s Blood fragrance. Dragon’s blood can be used to charge up a room in to power up its fortune or you can use to lift your energy fields mood to bring good...

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  • Oil - Attraction/Love

    Oil - Attraction/Love

    Attraction/Love oil belongs to the Blessed Herbal Oil Series. Romantic Lavender Spice Blend. The Attraction oil opens your heart, mind and spirit to the ultimate source of love to manifest what you desire and deserve. This oil is made to...

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  • Oil - Money Draw

    Oil - Money Draw

    Money Draw oil belongs to the Blessed Herbal Oil Series. Honeysuckle, Patchouli, Grapefruit. Universal abundance is unlimited, so why is there so much struggle to attain it? That is because many feel that abundance and money is a separate...

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  • Oil - Protection

    Oil - Protection

    Protection oil belongs to the Blessed Herbal Oil Series. Hidden Black Deep Myrrh Blend of Essential Oils. Black is the blending of all colors (or the absence of all colors, depending of the teaching you follow), representing being protected from all...

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  • Moldavite Oil

    Moldavite Oil

    Moldavite Oil is carefully prepared as an unique blend of all natural carrier and essential oils and a small piece of real Moldavite in every bottle.  Used for Aromatherapy, massage etc.  Each bottle contains 1/4 oz of oil. They are...

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