Do you know dowsing well and are still "hungry" for new knowledge and application of your favourite modality?

We invite you to explore how dowsing can assist you in finding many new fields on which it can serve as the best "sidekick".  
In this group of courses and lectures, you will have an opportunity to achieve two goals: learn about new, fascinating topics and learn how to expand your dowsing skills and abilities.

Are you ready? Let's begin!



Getting power over the fields around us requires skills and proper tools!  Learn how to do that and what can help in harnessing those fields!

In this free lecture, Alicja leads you through the meanders of two original fields - electric and magnetic. Then we can understand how from those two primal fields the most potent, electromagnetic field is constructed!

In physics, in the energy world, as well as in our everyday life, everything is about the charge. Is it "negative"? Or "electric" in nature? Or maybe it is "positive", which means magnetic in its nature?
In this short but very informative lecture, Alicja talks about those differences and how they may change our approach to life. Enjoy!



Our Heritage from Atlantis vs Modern Technology
The story of Atlantis, wealth and prosperity of its citizens, as well as contacts with other civilizations, are commonly considered today as a great myth. Join us for an unusual journey to the unknown continent of Atlantis, to visit their temples and to learn about their customs.


Victim or Victor ? The Choice is Yours
This course explains the phenomena of our brain, in fact, three brains, which only occasionally cooperate. Still, each of them has its role and functions in our decision-making process, our emotional reactions and developing a set of beliefs further running our life. 

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