Healing has many faces. Those many faces, though, come down to one issue - what emotion is running the show?

This section contains courses and shorter classes that bring us closer to understanding how our whole energetic system works.  From there, we can ascend to how we can stimulate that system to climb back from the ill to the most potent state of being.

Dowsing is the most suitable modality to achieve our goal. Why? Because dowsing is compatible with all-natural healing methods and supplements modern western medicine.

If we agree on one fundamental principle, that we get sick to vibration match hard to deal with otherwise life situation, we have a good beginning point.
It would be great if each of us would understand what the essential aspect of life is. It is not gold or silver, and it is not anything of material nature, but - in fact - it is our DNA. Development (or decoding) of DNA creates our spiritual, emotional, and physical fitness, purity, and maturity.
In conclusion: what we need to get back from sickness to health is just one step - healing!

Let's learn together how our brain recognizes life challenges and how our physicality processes them. Dowsing tools will always be on your side, assisting in healing, bringing a deeper understanding of the root causes of specific conditions and helping in clearing obstacles!


Recover from most of your pains and aches by learning how to use Golden Hue Pendulum in healing yourself and others!
    • What is the secret of this fantastic shape? 
    • Why is it so successful in therapy?
    • Who can use it and how?
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Access for two years from the date of purchase!
Mystery of Healing
If you (like me) are a person who is dedicated and interested in helping people healing pain, traumas and other physical condition, I recorded this course with you in mind!
It will help you understand those problems profoundly and give you access to ancient methods of diagnosis and hard-to-find effective ways to heal.
Together we will achieve that goal by combining many traditional teachings from different belief systems intertwined with cutting-edge discoveries of the most recent medical and scientific research.
Included are some exercises that will allow you to get your first-hand experience on "How, Why, When and What”.
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Running time: 10h 20 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
If you want to help balance health and the environment successfully, this course will teach you all the necessary "Why's and How's".
It will provide the following:  1) All theories needed to understand the process of healing with a Universal Pendulum; 2)
Information about Magnetic, Electric and Electromagnetic Fields, their importance in everyday life, and the performing balancing session; 3)Healing procedure for others and yourself.

Universal Pendulum is the only pendulum known in the world today, which allows us access to an additional 13 vibrations that are not accessible from any other therapeutic pendulum! 
Running time 4h 45 minutes
Access for two years from a date of purchase


If your dream is to help yourself and others to maintain the best possible way of living, running a business and preserving good health, join us for the course that will teach you to do that by understanding the most essential properties and abilities of colours! Colours and their vibrational values, whether we want and understand them, run our everyday life, help us make life and business choices, and enrich our health. Our goal is to present you with the most recent, cutting-edge results of scientific research on colours and their applications. 
There are few dowsing tools to measure and work with colour effectively. If you wish to see and purchase them, here is a list of products used during this cours
Running time 4h 45 minutes
Access for two years from a date of purchase
If you want to understand magic better to change your life and help others adjust their lives, if you want to observe your dreams come true and adjust your reality, this course will help you achieve that goal! Whether you are a beginner or advanced in your pursuit of self- and spiritual development, there are methods to speed up that process through a deeper understanding of the principles of energy work!  Join the group of people who have already changed their reality through simple but successful protocols used by thousands of people over centuries! You, too, may become a Magician!
Running time 6h 50 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase

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