Bober Rod

                          Bober Rods

Bobers are the easiest to use and simplest dowsing rods. They 'bobs' up and down, but are also able to rotate.

  • Bober - dowsing rod

    Bober Rod

    Bober is a one-handed rod very easy to use and used for many types of dowsing work from 'Yes-No' questions to clearing energy in a space.  Bober is a popular dowsing rod due to the ease in which it can be used by dowsers of any skill level or...

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  • Adjustable Biotensor Rod

    Biotensor (Adjustable) Rod

    Adjustable Biotensor easily creates a vortex for clearing objects or the environment.  It moves by linear or circular movement. Adjustable Biotensor is a very precise version of Biotensor. This nice looking dowsing rod is adjustable, which means...

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  • Biotensor (Standard) Rod

    Biotensor (Standard) Rod

    Biotensor is best to check energy field, chakra system as well as dowsing for answers to life questions. Biotensor is primarily used for clearing energies. It is very light and easy to use dowsing rod, which can be easily used even by inexperience...

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