Looking Back

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 12th Aug 2016

Today we know so many methods of looking back in time to re-evaluate our previous dreams, passions and goals. We also know of many methods how to search and look even further into our past to re-examine our emotions, spiritual paths and relationships, since all of that has quite a big impact on who we are today and how we perceive our lives.

During the last 3 weeks I was reflecting on the impact we experience of our travels to the places of our origin. I was elaborating on coming back to the roots. Well, I am still in Europe looking at my past and re-examining my future goals from the perspective of my past.

I just completed the training on clearing the past to build a better future. Some of you may ask if I had to go to Europe to do that, if there is not enough on that topic at home, in North America? There definitely is a lot, however I like sometimes to come here and compare methods. I would say that some parts of Europe have a very modern, quantum physics approach to it, rarely seen and experienced in our places in North America. I would also say that most Europeans who are on a spiritual path, pay more attention to i.e. extraterrestrial activity on our planet, the repercussions of their actions as well as protective and clearing procedures we should use to avoid those damaging or often lethal influences.

I guess – if we would allow ourselves to go to that distance of generalization – we have a few problems with our approach to it. First, it is strictly a researching approach. We want and need to learn who they are, what their agenda is and how do they come up with realization of their plans. But many of us are being scared and represent quite an aggressive and intolerant position. Others perceive everything as beautiful, friendly and honest, kind of like a cute hero from “ET” movie approach. Only a small amount of us want to simply learn first, without any prejudice, and after collecting data, make their own decisions. Of course both extremes are unhealthy – extraterrestrials are not Gods or better then us, nor are they pure evil and destructive. So maybe the third option? I am a strong believer in that one.

Let’s compare them to us. We can, since – according to old saying and rules of magic – “as above so below”. If we go to visit our friends we always have an agenda. Even though we have good intentions, such as checking on their health (if questionable), discussing our problems based on common trust or simply spend time together, we do have an agenda, an idea about how this time should look. The other side, however believe in our good intention can read it differently and take it as, making too much of our health issues, or wanting to pick their brains for our own advantage, or even wasting their time while they would prefer do something else. Both sides here represent good intentions, but somehow they go in opposite directions. We do not read life the same way. Even if we do love each other and want the best for all of us.

This same or more happens between civilizations. One of the reasons is a huge difference in a levels of technological advancement. The other – drastically different spiritual development. Another – life span and understanding of life’s purpose. The most important one – desperate need for expansion.

Someone said that “there is no free lunches”, so if we are getting technology from “them”, they want something in exchange. Often what they want is to research us, as civilization, to find out how our brains operate. How do we do it that our emotions are so strong and so diverse? We could go even further – how can they influence our emotions, so energy generated by our emotions can be used by them for their own usage.

Instead of being mad, going into “victim mode” or fall into despair, we can learn how to identify those influences, strengthen our own energetic systems and stand up for ourselves. Refuse intrusion and increase independence. I truly hope shortly more and more people will be aware of that and learn how to do it. For themselves and for others, so we will all be safe and happy creating this planet a place of true joy for all humans…