Sacred Geometry/ Alchemy Jewellery

Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry teaches us how whole Universe has been created and continues to be created. It exists beyond religions, believe systems and nationalities. It unites us in the believe in One. By understanding that we are able to take control over our own life and break free from the chaos of material world. Ancient Egyptians believed, that understanding of Sacred Geometry is essential to the education of the soul.
Alchemy is recognized today as a highly influential philosophical tradition. Alchemy is also very old sister (precursor) of today’s chemistry and - as some claim - medicine. 
However misunderstood by most people, Alchemists over millennia created coherent system of not only searching for “philosopher’s stone” or transforming base in to noble metals, but most of all of spiritual development. 
However Alchemy is outcasted from mainstream science today, part of its terminology, theories or laboratory techniques are still in use today.
Find your own symbol - wear it as a pendant to change your life for better!
  • Arcygama Star Arcygama Star

    Arcygama Star

    Arcygama Star is an ancient symbol from the Coptic belief system. We can look at it from two points of view:    Sacred Geometry If we look at the Arcygama Star from a Sacred Geometry point of view, the symbol represents four triangles...

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  • Flower of Life

    Flower of Life

    Flower of Life is the strongest, most advanced symbol of Sacred Geometry for protection and health. It contains multiple amount of Vesica Pisces, which brings Golden Light to your aura. The Flower Of Life  is one of the oldest symbols known to...

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  • Big Fish (Maximae Pisces)

    Big Fish (Maximae Pisces)

    Big Fish (called also from latin Maximae Pisces) is a elegant and powerful amulet with design based on one of the fundamental laws of mathematics, known as the divine proportion (also called Golden Ratio or Golden Mean).It blocks negative...

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  • Hexagram


    Hexagram enhances oneness in your whole energetic system. Protects against invasion of unhealthy influences of non-beneficial energies. Hexagram, known also as Star Of David is a symbol representing connection of Male and Female energy.  The...

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  • Pentagram Pentagram


    Pentagram, The Power of Light, also called the “white pentagram”, is an elegant piece of jewelry representing a basic pure protection sign. This symbol emits the energy to create the shield reflecting evil wishes and curses, turning them...

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  • King Solomon's Seal

    King Solomon's Seal

    King Solomon's Seal symbolize a harmony of opposites, which significance is manifold as much as it is multicultural. It reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth,...

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  • Peri Leaf (or Peri Tear)

    Peri Leaf (or Peri Tear)

    Peri Leaf (or Peri Tear) pendant brings protection against negative emotions. It also is a symbol of tear of repented,representing lovely and graceful person. In Persian and Islamic mythology, the Peri are spirits who have been denied access to...

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  • Lalibela Cross

    Lalibela Cross

    Lalibela Cross is most beneficial to disperse harmful energies and help resolve stressful and difficult situations in life. Also – to energize, clear and strengthen the body. Lalibela Cross has taken its name after holy place in Ethiopia,...

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  • Unicorn medium

    Unicorn medium

    Unicorn is a mythological symbol of chivalry with qualities befitting this status, proud and untameable. The Unicorn is a mythical creature. Strong, wild, and fierce, it was impossible to tame by man. Plinie, the Roman naturalist records it as...

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  • Dolphin


    Dolphin is a symbol of Harmony, Freedom, Communication and Trust. Dolphins also represent for many wisdom, innocence and purity of being, which reaches out to our inner nature.  We should follow their lead and open ourselves to the energy...

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  • Maltese Cross

    Maltese Cross

    Maltese Cross is one of the most admirable by some and rejected by others crosses in the world. It is universally agreed that the four arms of the Cross stand for the four Cardinal Virtues prudence temperance justice fortitude...

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  • Abracadabra


    ABRACADABRA is the best known and used as an amulet with the power to release sickness’ from human body, mind and spirit.   The word that’s synonymous with magic actually has an interesting origin, finding its roots back in the 2nd...

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