Witness Chamber Pendulums

Witness Chamber Pendulums
The concept of the Witness Chamber Pendulums was developed by Father Abbe Mermet, a priest from Switzerland, who first placed herbs inside the pendulum (after drilling a hole inside it), and proved that the vibration from the piece of matter placed inside the pendulum emits its vibration around it.
This vibration can also be sent to people. His outstanding body of work, written in French, is the framework of today's European School of Dowsing.
With proper care and use, a pendulum will last a lifetime.
The only part that may require replacement due to wear and tear would be the sting or chain that the pendulum is suspended from.  
To read more how to replace string or chain...
  • Double Mermet "G" Double Mermet "G"

    Double Mermet "G"

    Double Mermet ‘G’ pendulum is an alternate version of Double Mermet. 'G' stands for 'German version', where this type of pendulum is especially popular. Double-Mermet 'G' is built of two balls placed one on the top of the other,...

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  • M&M Plus Pendulum M&M Plus Pendulum

    M&M Plus Pendulum

    M&M Plus pendulum has been uniquely constructed to emit a wide range of vitamins as well as micro and macro-elements. In its witness chamber samples of all of these substances are placed to obtain proper vibrations.     It contains and...

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  • Radion Pendulum

    Radion Pendulum

    Radion pendulum is the newest addition to Remote Dowsing Pendulums group. Radion can be used as any other Witness Chamber Pendulum, however its heavier weight and the top layer of gold predestines it to be one of most effective and accurate remote...

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  • Double Pendulum Double Pendulum witness chamber shown

    Double Pendulum

    Double is a pendulum made up of two pendulums: first is a larger, outside pendulum containing smaller one inside. In fact, tough, by connecting these two in different ways, you can obtain four different pendulums of different sizes and weights. The...

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  • Mermet Pendulum Mermet Pendulum witness chamber shown

    Mermet Pendulum

    Mermet pendulum is the very first and the most famous in the history of dowsing pendulum with a “witness chamber.” It has been developed by Fr. Abbe Mermet, and given its name in memory of the founder.   The witness chamber can be...

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  • Double Mermet Pendulum Double Mermet Pendulum ( witness chamber shown)

    Double Mermet Pendulum

    Double-Mermet pendulum is similar to the Mermet pendulum, but has two balls placed one on the top of the other. It opens from the top, has a smaller witness chamber, but is equally sensitive due to its shape. Double-Mermet is an excellent pendulum for...

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  • Ball Pendulum

    Ball Pendulum

    Ball is a perfect pendulum for beginning dowsers. Its round shape makes it extremely easy to move and to allow even not very experienced dowser to work with it successfully in asking life questions, in the decision-making process etc. The Ball pendulum...

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  •  49 Individual Witness Pendulums set  49 Individual Witness Pendulums set

    49 Individual Witness Pendulums set

    This exquisite set of 49 Individual Witness Chamber Pendulums  is for those, who are interested in extremely precise assessing and balancing health using specific elements (according to Periodic Table). Balancing is done remotely by using individual...

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