Negative Green
If you would like to know about the most unique and misunderstood frequency known today, join us on the course "2-in-1 Package: Negative Green - Enemy or Ally?" This two-part course combines two shorter courses: "Secrets of Negative Green Vibration" and "Working With Negative Green Pendulums". It is for those liking the "fast pace" and decided to access everything at once.
Suppose you are not familiar with Negative Green and want to take a slower path. In that case, you may go for the "Secrets of Negative Vibration" class first and follow with the second part, "Working With Negative Green Pendulums”. Whichever track you choose, we are happy that you will know all is to know about this valuable and unprecedented vibration. Make your decision and go for it!
on-line-cover-ngreen.jpg       Introduction to Negative Green - Free 
To gain skills to harness the energy of Negative Green Vibration, we need first to understand its true nature.
In this free class, Alicja befriends us with the vibration that is not known well and even less understood.
The Negative Green Frequency has two aspects: magnetic and electric, and - consequently - two faces: one friendly, healing and helpful and the other: lethal, aggressive and very penetrating.

After a quick look at this short lecture about Frequency of Negative Green, we hope that you will get inspired and fascinated by it and would like to explore it further through the classes posted in that sub-category.
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
2-in-1 Package: Negative Green - Enemy or Ally?
The Package includes:
  • Secrets of Negative Green Vibration
  • Working With Negative Green Pendulums
The retail price of those two courses together is USD94. If you decide to purchase them as a Package, your cost will decreases to USD80, which is USD14 or a 15% saving! (read more)
Running time: 2h 20 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!


Negative Green Vibration - the most controversial vibration of all. Should we be afraid of it or rather cherish it.
 Why then, so many discourses and misunderstandings? Maybe because when it was discovered in the 1930s in Egypt  by two French scientists, they gave it this unfortunate name "Negative" Green?

Running time: 1h 20 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
on-line-cover-workingwithngpendulums.jpg       Working with Negative Green Pendulums
Pendulums using Negative Green Vibrations are once of the most unique and the most rarely used pendulums in North America. When we learn about the nature of Negative Green and safety precautions, we may gain the most valuable tools for achieving our goals faster and smoother way. 

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 Running time: 1h
Access for two years from the date of purchase!


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