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Alicja is a well-known and highly recognized healer, who, over the years, has learned many different and unique modalities. However she is mostly known for her dowsing skills, she also has the gift of seeing into the past lives, while receiving messages from the other side.

Although her educational background is an engineer, she has been very passionate about metaphysics throughout her life. For over 40 years Alicja has applied very down-to-Earth approach to healing people, animals and places. Since she also is a Reverend, spiritual approach to any health condition is very close to her heart.

Session with Alicja 

  • Do you experience pain with or without the obvious reasons?
  • Do you feel like you do not fit in?
  • Do you have problems with keeping your employment?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, please contact me as 


When I do the first session, we begin with looking at you from both: physical and spiritual point of view.

If the physical ailment is present, we look at it from the Germanic New Medicine point of view to understand the connection between the events in your life, brain relays involved, and organs/parts of the body connected to those specific relays. This part is to be able to understand ourselves.

Then I look at your energy field to find out the energy forms and thought forms attached to your energy field, emotions stuck in your morphic field etc.

The next part is to (as I call it) "fly" for you along your timeline to find out the parts of your soul "left" behind during traumas. It is hard to describe in a detailed manner, as it is complex and longer due to a variety of things that may appear.

In any case - when we go through the first part - physical, we exchange thought, pieces of information etc.

In the second part, you are a silent participant, which means I do the work and talk to you about what I see and what is happening along the process.

It is truly hard to describe a session in many details, as it is very much individual and depends on each of us's "untold" history. But I must say it also is fascinating, awakening and very revealing to freedom experience.

I suggest the first session at 1.5 hrs, as we need to look at your physicality and begin spiritual work.

The parts of a sessions which we will go through together:

         1.   Clearing and balancing your chakra system and aura. This is an opening stage of a healing session.

        2.    I will check your connection with the Highest Source. 

        3.    We will check, clear and align your Mental and Emotional Bodies. 

        4.    We will explore the emotions blocked and/or stuck in your energy field - I will transform them into something beneficial for you.

        5.    I will remove any attached and installed without your knowledge or permission non-beneficial connections and programs (chips) from your auric field.

        6.    We will go for a trip to find out where you came from and what is important to know from your past.

        7.    The healing will include releasing attachments and other civilizations involvement in your life, which are depleting your energy.

Few important notes:

- I will do most of my work in silence, however I will inform you of specific steps, as I will perform the treatment. There are a few stages we will go through (i.e. what emotions I will work on and how they effect you, what programming I found to be removed and what they are blocking etc.)

- The information we will receive will depend on various circumstances. Most importantly - what information will be given to me by your energy field. I approach each treatment the same, however the results may vary based on the individual. We both need to be open to whatever will appear. 

Again - I am always open to what will appear and happened. I have my procedures and things will be done accordingly, but there could be more than I have described - I will not know until we begin to work.

Hoping to meet with you and work together to release you from predicaments and burdens, so you will enjoy your life!

To book an appointment, please call: 905-848-1233 or e-mail: alicja@intuitivedowsing.com

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