ENERGY GENERATORS

Energy Generator is a device with an array of small closed pyramids that allows a large amount of energy to be generated from a relatively small surface. Patrick Flanagan was the first to think about grouping small adjoining pyramids on a base for personal use in homes or apartments.  Since the grouping of pyramids generates more energy then each individual pyramid by itself, he called them Energy Generators.
There are three sizes of Energy Generators, which are defined by the heights of the pyramids:
  • H-5 -  which means that the pyramids are 5 mm in heigh
  • H-25 - the pyramids are 25 mm high
  • H-40 - the pyramids are 40 mm high (pyramids are colored according to chakra system)

Energy Generators are made of specially prepared aluminum. Pyramids are hand made and attached in a way that the sides of the pyramids all touch the adjoining pyramids,  thereby amplifying the energy. They come with a thin cardboard cover to cushion the apexes when objects are placed on them. In all cases Energy Generators can be used with or without the plastic sleeve that they come in.

Search and find the one which will suit your personal needs!

  • Energy Generator H-5 Energy Generator H-5

    Energy Generator H-5

    Energy Generator H-5 is used mostly to address heart and circulation dysfunctions. Used to support treatments of irregular heartbeat, hypertension and shortness of breath, and to supplement medical treatment after a heart attack. Energy Generator H-5...

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  • Energy Generator H-25 Energy Generator H-25

    Energy Generator H-25

    Energy Generator H-25 can be used to energize and purify food, water or anything else placed on it. Perfect for smaller surfaces, as it is strong, but still small in size. H-25 is the largest of all the Energy Generators. It has 20 pyramids on a common...

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