Science of Dowsing
Dowsing and its different forms are known to humanity for millennia yet still inspire many of us to stretch our imagination of how and why we can use it to enhance our or other's life, health and environment.Let's explore together what the Old European School of Dowsing, based on the Ancient Egyptian School of Vibration, has to offer.

Since people always were tempted to lift the veil to find out their future and understand their present life predicament based on past lives, dowsing assists many to re-discover themselves and uncover the truth about their path in life.

If you are one of us, truth-seekers and questers, come aboard and let us surf through the meanders and ancient art and cutting edge science of dowsing!


Learn how to dowse effectively, precisely and successfully! Dowsing is an exciting, effortless way to solve problems, find objects, balance health and energetically organize your environment. Tricks and tips to efficient dowsing.(read more)
Access for two years from the date of purchase!

 Dowsing as Life Enhancer

Dowsing is a fascinating modality that evolved with human beings from the beginning of time. Why? In our fast-paced life, we need quick solutions, high accuracy and trusted approaches to solving our problems. That is the core of dowsing!
 Today is your time to begin your incredible journey!
You will learn the ancient methods and their efficient application in our modern life.  (read more) 
Running time: 4h 30 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
 Proven techniques, proper tools and understanding of the process is your path to success! Successful healing on distance is within your reach when you use proper tools and techniques.
Suppose you want to use Remote Dowsing (called in Europe Teleradiesthesia) to help people on distance using Witness Chamber Pendulums. This course will help you understand how to do that successfully!”  (read more)
Running time: 1.5 h
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
If you want to help balance health and the environment successfully, this course will teach you all the necessary "Why's and How's".
It will provide the following: 
1) All theories needed to understand the process of healing with a Universal Pendulum;
2) Information about Magnetic, Electric and Electromagnetic Fields, their importance in everyday life, and the performing balancing session;
3)Healing procedure for others and yourself.
Universal Pendulum is the only pendulum known in the world today, which allows us access to an additional 13 vibrations that are not accessible from any other therapeutic pendulum! 
Running time 4h 45 minutes
Access for two years from a date of purchase
If your dream is to help yourself and others to maintain the best possible way of living, running a business and preserving good health, join us for the course that will teach you to do that by understanding the most essential properties and abilities of colours! Colours and their vibrational values, whether we want and understand them, run our everyday life, help us make life and business choices, and enrich our health. Our goal is to present you with the most recent, cutting-edge results of scientific research on colours and their applications. 
There are few dowsing tools to measure and work with colour effectively. If you wish to see and purchase them, here is a list of products used during this cours
Running time 4h 45 minutes
Access for two years from a date of purchase
To achieve more, live a higher quality life, and help yourself and others, you first need to learn and practice how to clear the energetic levels of our existence.
We have designed this course to bring your attention and help build the skills of removing disturbing energy forms, such as attachments, non-beneficial spirits, etc. Many short lectures will present simple methods of clearing that would benefit everyone. Clear your spiritual, subtle energy levels, and your life will change for the better almost instantaneously! (read more)
Running time: 1h 20 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
With this Package, you get three online courses:
  • Dowsing as a Life Enhancer
  • Broadcasting With Pendulums
  • Spiritual Clearing.
Individual courses cost USD97 plus USD67 and USD67, which comes to a total amount of USD231. If you purchase a Package, your price will be only USD185! You save USD46 (20%)!  (read more)
 Running time: 7h 20 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!
This Package contains both courses:
  • Broadcasting With Pendulums
  • Spiritual Clearing
Each of them individually costs USD67, which comes to USD134. When you purchase a Package, you pay only USD114 (savings: 15%, which is USD20!).  (read more)
 Running time: 2h 50 minutes
Access for two years from the date of purchase!

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