Y - Rods

The oldest type of dowsing rods is probably the Y- Rod. The shape came from the branch of the tree traditionally held by a dowser while searching for water or other underground resources. At the end they have a “witness chamber” to place a sample or energy carrier to increase sensitivity.
  • Double Y-Rod

    Double Y-Rod

    Double Y-Rod is a great rod for searching for earth vibrations. It allows a larger area to be covered thereby reducing the amount of time needed for searching. Double Y-Rod is very popular among water dowsers. It looks like two Y-Rods connected...

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  • Y-Rod with Loop

    Y-Rod with Loop (Austrian Model)

    Y-Rod with Loop (Austrian Model) is easy to use in any type of dowsing work and is a good, versatile rod for searching for all types of vibrations. Excellent for finding water and other natural resources as well as dowsing for life problems or health...

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  • Y-Rod


    Y-Rod is the rod most traditionally used for searching for underground water or any other underground resources. It has a witness chamber at the end of the rod for placing a sample of the object or matter you are searching for - this increases the...

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