Life as a Journey

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 5th Aug 2016

When we begin our conscious spiritual path, nobody knows that it is a way of no return. Every course we take, every event we attend and every treatment we experience opens a new door to the next step and expands our horizons.

What have you exposed yourself to this summer, what has your journey been like? My summer is about traveling to get inspired and to plan new courses and workshops. Traveling through an old continent delivers a lot of inspirations. I am now in a small town in Sudeten, enjoying fresh air and the mountain climate. We are staying in lodge house on the top of mound, in which we have found an opening (it is not a portal), through which very strange beings emerge. Quite a few people had problems with sleeping, experienced nightmares etc. From those who come here for many years we know that they had never encountered anything like that before. Most of them also say that even a forest, which was so magical and mysterious before (that’s why we have been brought here to relax and study spirituality) changed enormously. Is it because of that opening?

To me this is a perfect example of a case when we go for a vacation in hopes to restore our health, and overall wellbeing, but instead due to the energy of our destination we come back in a worse condition than before. Will we leave this location? I don’t think so. We will definitely explore it further and – most of all – change the energy to a more beneficial one. Good that we know how to do that and that there is quite a few of us here who know different methods, so we can compare, consult and support each other.

This simple fact that the energy can be changed from a non beneficial to enhancing one makes me ponder how important it is in our times to learn how to deal with energy on a very subtle level and how to maneuver it to get proper results. In our times everything changes fast, so materialization of our dreams and desires speed up as well. Majority of us, though, still do not get, that when we say something, it happens. To the point it was always that way, but now it happens faster and faster with almost every day. Often, if a place is right, which means energetically strong, having high probability of manifestation, it is enough to think or say something with demanding voice and it happens. If someone’s wishes are ill, that thought can alter the energy of the place - often for a long time. That modification of energy right away attracts compatibly beings of course. They will stay there until someone will turn the “wheel” again. As much as it is relatively easy to transform energies into ill once, it is quit hard to reverse them back.

Our work here has been done for today. We will meet tomorrow morning and see how (if so) the situation has changed. I hope it will, but there is no other way to check it but by experiencing it. People say that knowledge plus experience equals wisdom. If what we have done today will present good results tomorrow, we are one step further on our path to greater wisdom. The road we all individually travel through life is paved with failures and achievements, predicaments and glorious successes, but living life to the fullest is worth every drop of sweat, every tear rolling down your face and every broken heart, since at the end there is wisdom, peace and fulfillment. There is happiness, joy and excitement. There is YOU, the WINNER, better human and amazing soul.

Good luck on your journey!