Celtic Jewellery

Celtic Jewellery
Celtic tradition is still alive among so many and getting more and more popular with time include all elements of true faith, which we missed today.
Let's look at a few principals of this strong believe system. Celtic followers believe in equality of man and women. They love music, poetry and art, and are close to nature and God's creatures. Personal sanctity is more important for them then the doctrine, since they are very passionate about peace and justice.
In Celtic tradition God is both: immanent and transcendent. They believe in Incarnation and in the Holy Trinity. They see God presence in even smallest part of the Universe and life. 

One of the most important factors of Celtic tradition is family loyalty, therefore they are content with simply life including in it all God's creatures and celestial bodies.
  • Celtic Cross

    Celtic Cross

    Celtic Cross, the most famous shape of Celtic tradition, is worn mostly to protect and to save from oppression. It is known as a symbol of high intelligence and privileges. Celtic Cross shows compromise connection of archaic circle, mandala, with...

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  • Hammer of Thor

    Hammer of Thor

    The bearer of the Hammer of Thor pendant appeal to the God Thor for his favours and protection. It will strengthen your will power and physical strength to overcome obstacles and opponents as the God Thor was able to create thunder to smite the Giants...

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  • Celtic Knot

    Celtic Knot

    Celtic Knot (known also as an Eternity Knot) remind us about the beginning and the end or - as some believe - no beginning and no end… It has been designed to keep us aware of our spirit being timeless in nature and to progress in our study on...

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