The Trip

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 27th Jul 2016

I continue my trip through Poland, visiting many beautiful and interesting places, people and attending various events. I must admit that it is good to be back home, even though I never did or will regret immigrating to Canada.

I was here a year ago, and every time I return, I admire the amount of changes, which take place on regular basis. If you travel here, some of the very first things you will notice are trains and buses. All of them are brand new and modernized to the newest version of the European trend. Buses – all with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and all of the fun gadgets.

The next eye catcher are the wonderful new building, built to blend with the old architecture. You will also see how much more greenery is present in the cities: gardens, parks and potted flowers and plant decorations. Some gardens are built on rooftops of public places, so they are open to the public 24/7. I.e. over the Warsaw University Library, which contains several buildings, all painted in a light green colour and embraced with a metal construction over which many different types of ivies climb to the top. It creates such a magical, mysterious atmosphere and quite a peaceful zone in practically busy center of the city. It is also cooler by architectural arrangement area. It is an amazing and quite an unique experience.

Poland is a very old country, hence it is woven with many palaces, mansions and hotels remembering 17-th century (to say the least, since – i.e. - the church in which my best friend got married has been built at the beginning of 14-th century), are beautifully renovated with up-to-date restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Every place is inviting, and truly tempting to drop in.. even for a moment to sit, enjoy and ponder upon passing time.

For the next two days, I will be spending time at the seashore of Baltic Sea. The air there is filled with salt and the smell of amber. Crowded with tourists and Poles on vacation, the beeches during the day are filled with children’s laughter, people talking in multiple languages and music. Everywhere you turn, you hear music: private small concerts in the gardens of restaurants, public concerts in the squares, and – of course – music from the stores and bars. It is laud, but it is a happy loudness. Many people from all over Europe want to come here for vacation, since this country is still safe.

The last comment should be made about World Youth Days in Krakow. Regardless of religion orientation it is pleasant to see such a huge amount of young people from all over the world singing, dancing and playing together in true unison. It is sad though, that we, adults, are not able to provide gatherings like that, not religious in nature, which will give young people from different countries and cultures an opportunity to meet, play together and become one, creating a loving world.

It is my hope that one day those youngsters will find a non-religious version of Youth Days. I am hopeful – one day…