In a Search for Truth

Posted by Alicja Aratyn on 7th Jul 2016

My friends constantly send me large amounts of e-mails with links to different websites and pages with supposedly amazing information about what is going on with the world right now, and what will happen to us, humanity, in the nearest future.

If you will, though, look at those links closely and carefully, which I don’t always do, you will see that often times the materials presented are quite old, and passing time has proven them wrong. However we are still offered to watch them. Sometimes I wonder if those people who post those links over and over again do not know that? If not, then – who are they and why should we believe them? Many of them claim that they are true searchers for the truth, existing on the Internet for years and being successfully (I guess) listened to. But in the mid- 2016 I heard an interview recorded in mid-2012 about how we will be taken away from the planet or to the worlds inside the planet this year (we are talking 2012) and the program owner claims it is amazing and so overwhelmingly true everyone must listen to it! Does he think we are idiots? If one information is proven wrong, then all material is suspicious and the source should be deeper investigated before it is posted on the net.

Theoretically we all know that there are organizations and groups of people paid to dis- and miss-inform us, so most of us will be lost, frustrated and angry. It is so hard nowadays to distinguish between lies and the truth. Lies are created with such high skill, by very knowledgeable people, that our ability to defy our own truth becomes very challenging.

When I treat people and see many entities, which are to dis-inform and aggravate us to make our life harder, to create unwanted or not needed energy, but which they need to survive on our planet, I often ask myself why we cannot shake all that off of us and live a more joyful life. When I see programs installed in the energy field of my clients and see their content, and how limiting they are, I feel so sorry for all of us.

We constantly migrate between pales of lies and faulty realities in search for the truth, for a peace of our mind. For a safe harbor for our souls. Will we ever find it? Will our inner compass ever rest in peace, because we have finally arrived at safe shore?

I think this time is way ahead of us. But I also think that we are better and better in discerning what is what. It takes a lot of energy, since one must be constantly alert, but we are progressing.

Internet is a blessing and a curse at the same context. We need to learn how to read information posted there. We are making baby steps in a proper direction. More and more often I receive links like the one I have mentioned above with question marks or just asking for comments if readers think it is real.

Definitely challenging times. What should be our guidance? Heart? Soul? Possible, if one can hear and have courage to follow the heart or/and connect with their own soul. Clearing ourselves is a key to success. I hope everyone knows and uses at least one clearing technique to help himself.