Wicca is a modern pagan religion with rich symbology and old tradition. Wicca is duo-theistic; Goddess and God represent Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. Many of Wicca symbols are misunderstood and misrepresented in today’s world, as well as misused. In fact Wicca followers live in balance with Nature and follows its rhythm. 

Browse through the most popular and sought after Wicca symbols. Enjoy!

  • Sigil V

    Sigil V

    Sigil, the term derived from a Latin word “sigillum” meaning “seal” in general is a shape, symbolizing bearer’s desired outcome. In this particular form it is meant to:  Activate internal strength and give power to...

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  • Talisman of Love & Relationship

    Talisman of Love & Relationship

    The Talisman of Love and Relationship with runic inscriptions is meant to aid in attracting the most appropriate life partner and create a relationship based on love and partnership. For those in an existing relationship, the Talisman will help to...

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  • Runic Obelisk  (silver)

    Runic Obelisk (silver)

     Runic Obelisk as a magnificent piece of jewelry presents the 24 runes of Elder Futhark, the oldest form of runic alphabet. It has been created to bring harmony into your life. It will allow wearer to drift calmly with the flow of life, and things...

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  • Dream Fulfilling Talisman

    Dream Fulfilling Talisman

    This Dream Fulfilling Talisman is “one of a kind” piece of jewelry, which is hand engraved on the semi-precious stone called Serpentine. It produces very strong spiraling energy to fulfill your dreams, goals and desires.  To attune it...

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  • Triquetra


    This unusual symbol of Celtic tradition called Triquetra (from Latin tri- "three" and quetrus "cornered") also known in contemporary Ireland tradition as a “Trinity Knot” present three Vesicae Pisces intertwined...

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  • Pentacle of Venus

    Pentacle of Venus

    Pentacle of Venus (talisman of love). Popular astrological sign ensuring finding love, happiness in love and providing harmony and absolute understanding in marriage. Especially strongly protects women. All planets together with Venus – the goddess...

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  • Amulet of the Sun Amulet of the Sun

    Amulet of the Sun

      Amulet of the Sun provides vital force and life energy that flow from outer space due to the influence of all planets, especially the Sun.  It draws positive cosmic energy like a lens, simultaneously throwing out of the body all...

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  • Goddess of Spiral (with Chrysoprase)

    Goddess of Spiral (with Chrysoprase)

    Goddess of Spiral has a Chrysoprase above her headl to enhance women's will power and perseverance.   The symbol of Goddess is meant to protect and guide.
  Dimensions: H - 4.5 cm. / 1 3/4" and W - 1.7 cm. / 5/8". Made of silver (14k...

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  • Dragon - Roaring

    Dragon - Roaring

    Dragon represent and strengthen male energy. It can be worn to protect, empower and enhance self-esteem. Ancient Chinese Dragons are ultimate symbols of cosmic Chi (energy). It is said to be the most potent symbol of good fortune in the Chinese...

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  • Unicorn small

    Unicorn small

    Unicorn is a mythological symbol of chivalry with qualities befitting this status, proud and untameable. The Unicorn is a mythical creature. Strong, wild, and fierce, it was impossible to tame by man. Plinie, the Roman naturalist records it as "a very...

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  • Dolphin small Dolphin small

    Dolphin small

    Dolphin is a symbol of Harmony, Freedom, Communication and Trust.Dolphins also represent for many wisdom, innocence and purity of being, which reaches out to our inner nature. We should follow their lead and open ourselves to the energy of love,...

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  • Ankh with Protective Wings of Isis

    Ankh with Protective Wings of Isis

    Ankh with Protective Wings of Isis is the most common visualization of Goddess Isis. This elegant silver pendant wings symbolize protection to the bearer, his family and belongings. Let's take a look at two main elements of this symbol: - The Ankh...

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