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re you lonely?

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How often do we think about our life in the context of loneliness? Single people do that probably more often then those with families. But – are those with families not lonely or they do not have time to think about it. And how much time do single people dedicate to organizing their life (especially after work) so they will not feel alone?

I was pondering upon this because of my friends’ health condition. I was thinking what would be the best way to explain to someone (my students included) that we are truly always alone. That life is about being single in your spirit and managing best relationship with yourself, which is the most meaningful and magnificent part of Creator’s creation. That everything we do and experience is never possible for other people to relate to on the same level as us, regardless of how much they want and love us.

How often do we hear words like: “I know how it is…” or “I have been there, so I understand you…” and you want to scream: “no, you have no idea what I am going through”. Our emotions are so very personal and so uniquely composed of our previous experiences, our sensitivities and our past lives baggage we brought to this lifetime, that nobody is truly capable of understanding. There can be sympathy, but not the same depth of intimacy with it.

It all begins at a vibrational level. This amazing world of vibrations, which is the universe, is for you to use, to make your unique arrangement and configuration of very specific, and needed frequencies. Nobody can do it the way you do. Nobody needs and uses it the way you do. It never touches anyone the way it touches your heart, soul and spirit. That’s why nobody will ever understand it fully the way you do.

Our life on all levels of our existence is such a composition of complex vibrations, which we create with every sound we make, every breath we take, and every action we partake. All that is created by us and for us exclusively. Sometimes we want to share them with the world - and the world often loves them, and we are happy they do, but somewhere deep down in us there is this silent place where – if we will have the courage to visit – we will realize that nobody has a clue about what it truly means and how important it is. Because it is YOU!

Therefore when people complain about being alone, I say: if you cannot make it now, you never will. You better make yourself comfortable now, when you are single, since you may not have an opportunity to do it later. If you won’t, you will always search for that part of you, which is missed. Some people think that they will find it in the presence of others, in marriage, relationship, in “the other half”, but it is so not true. It leads to disappointments with relationships, broken hearts etc.

For me – whenever I have a moment I look around and see what I have made of myself, my family, my friends, my house, my business – do I like it? What can I change? What vibrations should I use in my dreams, my projections and my visions so the next thing created by me will be what I need now, at that moment, with those people around me etc.

We all have that power of creation and it does not require a lot of effort – actually none on a physical level, just the awareness of those moments of purity of our hearts, when our soul reaches out to the universe and brings down vibrations, which will make our heart sing. Happiness is everywhere and in everything around us, it just takes a practice to see it. At that moment you create your new life.

I hope we will all have more of those moments. Moments of being true with ourselves, our private magical moments, which will bring us to admire, and fall in love with ourselves all over again and again, and again... 

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