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Some time ago I wrote about James Clark Maxwell, to whom the theory of electromagnetism is coined. Not too many people know, though, that it was Maxwell, who first publicly presented a colour picture. However it was not extremely clear and colourful, it intrigued most of the scientific world of the second part of 19th century. Regardless of the astonishment of his colleagues, the topic was not touched for the next 30 years!

His outstanding work on mathematical physics, as it was called at that time, brought him to re-examine many laws of physics and tying them together as one huge theory. It is known today as Maxwell’s equations, which explained through very precise and clear mathematical formulas the laws of Gauss, Faraday and Ampere. Those are, until today, the “pillars of the world” – well, at least the pillars of the scientific world.

All of the above is strictly information, which is available to anyone who would be interested in the topic. However, how and why would this be important to us today? Of course to gather knowledge about our, humans, development of knowledge and science would be the first aspect of its importance, but it is not the only reason to mention it. By combining electricity with magnetism and calling it electromagnetism, Maxwell opened the door to exploration of gravitation. Exploring gravitation brought us today to proving that gravitation is a wave, which originates with the curvature of time-space continuum. Theodor Kaluza in 1919 proved further that light waves are nothing else but disorder of the same time-space continuum. (Stephen Hawking’s String Theory is an expansion of Kaluza’s and Einstein’s works.) All of them claim that this disorder exists in 10 dimensions! And – depending on the type of disorder – different waves are created. That is the base of diversity of the cosmos.

Do we, you and me, in our everyday life, have an influence on that disorder? In which dimension/s? One thing is for sure: we do create many waves; that is obvious. Sound waves, thought waves, strictly mechanical waves due to the movement of our physical bodies etc. I remember that when I was a young girl, just beginning to be interested in metaphysics, I was told that whatever I imagine, even though it does not happen in my reality, it does happen in other realities, that’s why I should always be conscious of my thoughts, actions and words. What was “just a metaphysical, purely spiritual claim” 50 years ago, becomes a fact today. Science is serving us, those pursuing spiritual growth, so many facts and theories about the origin and development of the universe, that all those theoretical claims from the past become evident and proven true.

If we believe, and that is – of course - also proven, that we are electromagnetic beings, based on electric conductivity and magnetic influence of planet Earth and Sun as well as galactic rays, then every moment of our life creates something somewhere. Living in an endless ocean of vibrations, which all influence each other, brings – in my opinion – an enormous freedom to us, since we can finally truly get the creative part of us. On this same token it also entails humongous responsibility for betterness of all. By “all” I understand not only you and me or our community, country or planet. We are responsible for how the whole universe will be the next moment, day, month year and infinity.

If you think about it that way, you truly experience being a part of all…

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