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Atlantis Ring

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Product Description

A Brief History of the Symbol:


The symbol of Atlantis was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Marquis d’Argain, the French Egyptologist. In the King's Valley of Luxor, he unearthed a ring made of clay with a symbol on it which was unknown to him. Andre de Belizal, an exceptional Dowser, Egyptologist and pioneer in the field of shape waves, inherited the ring and discoveredits exceptional properties.

But the symbol didn’t receive great notice until Howard Carter, the organizer and the leader of theexpedition to open King Tut’s tomb, wore the ring while excavating the tomb. He was the only member of the team who was notstricken with a premature or sudden death. Many believed this was due to a curse inherited by those who disturbed the Pharoah'speace. But as Carter and de Balizal believed, it was more likely due to the protective shield the ring provided to the wearer fromharmful radiations and vibrations.

It is believed that all ancient Egyptian wisdom came from Atlantis. Carter many times referred to the unusual powers of the symbolstating that he believed that such a powerful symbol and shape was the creation of the powerful civilization of Atlantis and was inheritedby the Egyptians.

The power of an Atlantis symbol artifact lies in the symbol, not in the artifact. As Andre DeBelizal said, the symbol:

  • forms a protective shield which disperses negative energy

  • balances and heals the energetic system by supplying the body with high frequency energy

  • helps one connect to their higher self and subconscious mind, creating a more joyful life

  • aids in developing telepathic ability.

This fine piece of jewellery in sterling silver (14K gold available on special order) has the Atlantis symbol engraved into it and therefore protects against unwanted outside influences. It supplies healing energy to balance any distressed areas of the body and soothes physical pain. The symbol is considered a powerful telepathy aid and sensitizes you to psychic knowledge.

The ring should not come in steady contact with only other metal while you are wearing it. Wear it away from other rings on the same or adjacent fingers. This is because when the ring touches another piece of jewellery it creates a new shape of unknown vibrations.

Since the ring attunes itself to your energy, it should not be worn by others. After a few hours the ring will attune itself to your energetic system and will always work just for you, even on someone else's hand.

If you wish, you can safely remove it at night or when you shower, etc.

Made of silver (14k. Gold available on special order).


Care: While minor scratches will not affect the functioning of the ring, damage to the symbol will render it ineffective. If necessary, the ring can be repaired by a jeweller, as long as the symbol is not altered by heating etc. The small gap at the back must always remain open.



"I just wanted to share an interesting story about my Atlantis ring.  I work in social services and last week I went up to the front counter to speak with a person who wanted to apply for social assistance.  I was wearing my Atlantis ring on my ring finger on my left hand.  The person wasn’t happy with my answer so he slammed my left hand with a closed fist.  I was lucky my hand wasn’t broken.  Instead, my baby and middle finger immediately started to swell and bruise – but there wasn’t a mark on my ring finger.  This is a perfect illustration of the protective properties of the Atlantis ring.  Now I need an Atlantis bracelet to protect my whole hand!!
Hope to see you again soon.
Love & light,"


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Product Reviews

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  1. Special Ring 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2017

    I ordered this ring to replace an earlier version. It has a heavy weight and is obviously a quality product. I wear it with the pendant.

  2. Still a great ring after all these years 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Dec 2016

    I got this ring on the recommendation of a friend years ago and since then I have bought several more for people. I bought one more for me and I gave it away because it was the wrong size. This one is correct and I intend to keep it!

    When you first use it don't expect much unless you're already spiritually awake. Tt began to work immediately just with a subtle touch until you're awakened! For me I noticed a headache and I began to see that a change was needed. I cleaned out my house and two storage units of stuff I've had hanging around for years and years. The stuff I knew I'd never use and well Goodwill/Salvation Army could! I also noticed that negative people stay away from me. It's a great defense for negative people. Not your own so much. I find that I can read people easier with it and I'm more at peace since getting it. I give them as gifts now to people who come to learn from me. I make sure they fully understand the ring before putting it on. No surprises for people.

  3. Beautiful ring 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2016

    My Atlantis ring is very beautiful,and i am happy to wear it with pride. The picture is not doing any justice for it because in real life it is having a good weight and craftsmanship and very good quility. Thank you Alosija

  4. Great ring for the price 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2016

    I got this ring on the recommendation of a friend and at first I didn't expect much. Then it began to work. I noticed a headache and I began to see that a change was needed. I cleaned out my house and two storage units of all the crap I've had hanging around for years and years. The stuff we'll never use, but we have in case we do. I also noticed that negative people stay away from me. It's a great defense for negative people. Not your own so much. I find that I can read people easier with it and I'm more at peace since getting it. I give them as gifts now to people who come to learn from me. I make sure they fully understand the ring before putting it on. Some people don't like headaches.

  5. Beautiful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2015

    I was actually surprised it arrived so quickly, and when it did arrive I couldn't have been happier. The ring is simply Beautiful, the craftsmanship is excellent. It's a little too early to say if there have been significant changes or not as far as protection. The one thing I did notice is from a vibrational stand point, when I wear it I feel much more in-tuned. Now I need to find something for the home and my pets, particularly for my newest kitten who suffers from seizures... Any suggestions????

  6. "Again"-Incredible 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2015

    I wrote a review of this ring last month. I bought another ring for my right hand finger soon after I received the first one. In the interim, I've had more time to wear the first ring, and now some time with the second. While everything I said in my first review still holds true, I'd like to add something. While I don't want to sound like a magical thinker lest it turn more linear/logic thinkers away from wearing this ring, I must say that it truly appears magical if you consider 'magic' simply as something we don't yet logically understand, or need to understand in a way that is 'outside' of logic.
    Many refer to magic as 'black'or 'white' magic because both do appear to 'happen' without our knowing how. This ring seems to have the effect of making me conscious of another time and place on earth when enormous beneficial knowledge/powers were given to humans and animals. It 'feels' like the benefits failed to be appreciated, perhaps black magic became the norm. When you use seemingly marvelous powers, there is often a temptation to slip from using them beneficially to using them for greed, harm, etc. and so that culture vanished. I feel like it's a reminder to me to use whatever powers, knowledge or gifts I have for the benefit of all, not just myself, not even mainly myself. That's how I've begun to feel by wearing these two rings, one on each hand. The receiving hand (left) I wear the tiny one on my little finger. The larger ring I wear on my right hand (giving) on the index finger next to thumb. In both cases I've been sure to follow instructions and not let the rings touch other rings, so I wear them a finger apart. If some of us can seem to make 'magical' things happen without being able to explain how, it is always a tremendous responsibility. "To whom much is given, much is expected." All magic must be used for the benefit, the 'good', of the whole, and I have also found that it returns to me. For example, my dog is in kidney failure and I had to learn to give him under the skin fluids with a needle. I kept drawing a bit of blood until I began wearing the rings. So far, I put the needle in correctly each time, as if some powerful force for the good is guiding my hand. That may sound so far-fetched, but as this is a sincere review, I'm just saying this, and much more, has happened in my life since wearing the rings. The second, much larger ring, size 8, was made just as well as the smaller one, and I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of both, as well as the delivery time.

  7. Incredible 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th May 2015

    A review is subjective so when I say that this ring literally began to beneficially change my physical health, fill me with more positive SOURCE LIGHT so that I responded from a much more balanced/centered part of myself, please understand that I'm not saying this ring will have the same effect on you. My feeling is that the symbol has been around so long in the cosmic consciousness, and evidently in a beneficial way, that the symbol generates positive SOURCE energy, and helps negate negative energy that is always attaching itself to us in one way or another. Other symbols may do the same for other people. I actually collect symbols, more as a fascination than anything else; but this one surprised me when I began wearing it. I will not write a separate review of the Ankh pendant with Isis wings. It would be a repetition of the above. They are both extremely positive for me personally. I'm not sure whether 'everyone who sells these symbols' produces the same effect or the quality, but the ones I received from your store are truly a blessing and I have dedicated them to the LIGHT/ the SOURCE. Finally, the CD's were very interesting and I'll be sending for more.

  8. Writings from a "regular Joe" 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2015

    As I'm just a "regular Joe", an amateur, in terms of energy alertness/sensitivity, I can only comment that after several weeks, I've finally figured out which finger of which hand the ring made me feel the best during my day-to-day routines; conversely, putting the ring on certain other fingers made me feel awkward(?); thus perhaps a good idea to experiment to find the optimal finger for the ring. Main purpose of purchase was for added protection, to supplement my crystal's effects... as more and more city folks expand their presence into the rural areas while bringing along their aggressive negative energies.

  9. Atlantian Rings 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2014

    Wonderful craftsmanship, perfect fit and comfortable on finger. I could feel the energy field shift after wearing the ring for just a few hours. I totally believe in the symbol, and have been using it as protection for years. My husband loves his ring too. Thank you for making such an amazing product.

  10. Wonder of Wonders 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Nov 2014

    Actually I have seriously Stuborn and Nagging Spouse .
    On my First day of Wearing the Atlantis Ring it was Really HELL Come down in my House .
    She Yelled and Attacked Me all the Night I couldn't Sleep and have to go to the Living to dose for just an hour and it was daybreak .

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