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Atlantis Jewellery

                                           Atlantis Jewelry

The Protective symbol of Atlantis was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Marquis d’Argain, the French Egyptologist. He unearthed  a ring made of clay, in the King's Valley of Luxor, with a symbol on it which was unknown to him. The ring was inherited by Howard Carter who introduced it to Andre de Belizal, an exceptional dowser, Egyptologist and pioneer in the field of shape waves. It was Andre de Belizal who discovered the rings exceptional properties. Carter and de Belizal believed the symbol provided a protective shield to the wearer from harmful radiations and vibrations.

The power of an Atlantis symbol artefact lies in the symbol, not in the artefact.

The symbol:

  • forms a protective shield which disperses negative energy
  • balances and heals the energetic system by supplying the  body with high frequency energy
  • helps one connect to their higher self and subconscious mind, creating a more joyful life aids in developing telepathic ability.