Sage has been known and used in both Americas from the beginning of time… It is considered one of the most powerful cleansers and the most sacred plant in ceremonial traditions of Native People. The ceremony with sage is traditionally called “smudging”, which contains the process of burning dried sage and dispersing the smog into cleansed area to remove all non-beneficial energies (spiritual purification in other words). Indigenous people in many ancient traditions used either smudging or incenses, which have common components - smog - as a representation of Air Element. Smog, which is lifted up in the air visually shows how our thoughts and intentions are raised and brought up The Highest, to the Creator. 
Some may say that it is a subject of belief, but science actually proved that during this process the ionic composition of air changes, which have a positive influence on stress level and a vibrational quality of energy in a smudged area.
Instructions on use:  Place small sage sticks, which will last (depending on the size of cleared space and the frequency of usage) for quite a significant period of time in a metal or wood container, light the tip with matches or other source of natural fire, extinguish the flame and let the smoke burn for as long as you need. For those preferring loose sage, we offer packages of those, which traditionally are burned on Abalone shells, but any non-plastic container will work fine as well. We would suggest to avoid glass though, as it can brake due to high temperature.
Sage is traditionally used to:
• Clear the energy of your house or office
• Cleanse your own energy field
• Increase your spiritual development 
• Remove all kinds of non-beneficial energies from your surrounding.  
Made by Native People from Colorado, USA. We wish you success with using Sage as an enhancer of you dreams and desire! Good luck!
  • Sage sticks Sage sticks

    Sage sticks

    Small sticks, which will last, depending on the size of cleared place and frequency of usage, for quite significant period of time. In North American Native People tradition sage is used to create the smog, which - distributed with feathers - disperses...

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