Ceremonial Candles are known, respected and used for centuries by all belief systems in the worlds. They are recognized as a Light of Divine Source, the Highest Creator, Gods, Goddesses etc. Their meaning is always positive and brings warmth and happiness to your home.

Pagans use the candles to represent the presence of God and Goddess as well as so called Altar Candle to represent the Fire Element. In Buddhism, Catholicism and other religions candles as symbol of Light are always present on altars and memorial sites such as cemeteries.

When used for magical or ritualistic purposes lighting and extinguishing the candle marks the opening and closing of the ritual. According to old, alchemist rules, candles are coloured, and based on their colour, they relate to the type of ritualistic work that needs support. 

If you want to change your whole life, or only a specific area of it, ceremonial candles are the best tools to initiate that process. Fire, as an incredibly active element is known as the fastest to ignite new habits and attract what you want, as well as burn and “make disappear” everything you want to change, release or minimize. Using candles is one of the most common and easiest ways to apply to these particular themes.

Please read our note regarding the usage of magic candles, as they should be burnt with care and respect. Here is the link to “How to work with Magic Candles”. The same link is placed with every candles description on our website.

Please note: Ceremonial Candles are not refundable. To ensure their potency and efficiency, they are made during specific Moon phase, which enhances their effectiveness. By making them non-refundable and non-exchangeable we want to avoid any possible energetic contamination, altered resonance and uphold their integrity and power. 


  • Candle - Truth and Justice

    Candle - Truth and Justice

    Truth and Justice candle belongs to the Blessed Herbal Candles Series. A brilliant blue candle of temple incense quality. It is created from Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood.  In pursuit of truth and justice we need to be able to discern the...

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  • Candle - Prosperity

    Candle - Prosperity

    Prosperity candle belong to the Blessed Herbal Candles Series. It is created from rich green uplifting Bergamot and Clove Blend. Prosperity and Abundance are available in unlimited quantities, so don't be shy. Manifest all you desireband feel that you...

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  • Moldavite Candle

    Moldavite Candle

    Moldavite Candles are green in colour. They are made as a very special blend of waxes, essential oils and real Moldavite. They are individually hand dipped and real Moldavite is in the layers, which produces a very strong energy output.  One...

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  • Moldavite Tealights

    Moldavite Tealights

    Moldavite Tealight Candles are green in colour. As Moldavite tapered candles they are also made of a special blend of waxes, essential oils and real Moldavite. They are individually hand poured. During this process real Moldavite is added to the wax...

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