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                                       VIBRATIONAL JEWELLERY

From the beginning of time people have used the vibration of shapes to change or enrich their lives. The question remains: Why should we believethat piece of metal, wood or paper with a system of lines on it be able to help transform our life?

The energy generated by symbols presented here allows you to communicate with the outside world not only verbally but also on a subtle, energetic level, so you can use them in many situations as aid in accomplishing your goals and manifesting your desires.

For those needing talismans to protect themselves, their families and/or their belongings, during journeys and other endeavors, or to help eliminateobstacles in their lives - vibrational jewellery is something to be considered.

Majority of our products are made of silver. Some, such as amulets, are made of brass. If there is a choice of materials (i.e. Atlantis Crosses) you will see it on the product page. All symbols and amulets are made with detailed precision and well researched, so our selection will satisfy even the mostdemanding tastes.

People have always loved and worn jewellery. From poor people to the powerful Kings, Queens and Emperors, ornamentation has always been important, regardless of gender or social status. From tin to platinum, from crystals to diamonds, jewellery has always played an important role in ourhistory. But why? The answer is the Esoteric Knowledge associated with shape and vibration.

At the beginning of time jewellery wasn't worn to enhance beauty. People wore shapes to change their vibrations.  Knowledge about this has beenpassed down from generation to generation in the secrecy of the Temples and Mystery Schools. Today many people use the expression "Esoteric Knowledge", but not too many know that "Esoteric" means "Secret". So all of us pursuing esoteric knowledge in reality are exploring secret knowledgefrom the past. This knowledge is mostly based on shapes and their vibrations. In Europe, for a long time, it was known as the "Vibration of Shapes".

Today this vast body of knowledge is commonly called "Sacred Geometry".

Some symbols are still cherished until today because of the vibrations they offer. We can be attracted to a symbol due to the energy emitted, even ifwe do not know or understand its meaning. This is because symbols communicate with our subtle energetic system. Some popular symbols and shapeshave disappeared over time yet some never cease to exist or are re-discovered due to the need for that vibration. It has nothing to do with the beautyof the shape, but everything to do with the universal vibration it represents.

Now it is your turn. Open the door to the Magical World of Symbols and - enjoy!