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Universal Pendulum

Universal Pendulum is the most advanced pendulum in the world; it has been developed by Andre deBelizal, Leo Chaumery and Paul Morell in Egypt in the 1930's. However this pendulum had been developed for research, in the hands of a skilled, trained dowser becomes an extremely powerful health-balancing tool.

 On the surface of the U.P. there are 12 colors, (which can also be found on the Virtual Cone Pendulum), as well as additional 12 vibrations from the invisible spectrum of light are marked.

There are two types of Universal Pendulums, one is made of wood and it is available in two sizes, and the Aluminum U.P., which is available in one size. The aluminum one is called the "Cosmic" due to its multiplied strength.

Please browse among them and find the size and the type of Universal Pendulum that best suits your needs to increase your own and others wellbeing.