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Therapeutic Pendulums (Gold Light)


       Therapeutic Pendulums (Gold Light)

Therapeutic or in Europe called Healing Pendulums have shapes based on the principals of Sacred Geometry. Because their shapes give them the ability to generate energy, they can be successfully used in many types of alternative therapeutic treatments.

Pendulums on this page generate energy in the spectrum of Gold Light. Gold is one of 3 frequencies making up the Three Sacred Energies or BG-3 as they are known in recent Egyptian teachings. These three energies are: Gold, Ultraviolet, and Negative Green (beneficial aspect). 

The Vibration of Gold can be looked at from two different points of view:

-  physics, which describes Frequency of Gold as the highest frequency known today,      having the ability to enhance the vibration of anything it comes in contact with

-  metaphysics, which describes Frequency of Gold as the most spiritual and divine vibration with enhanced healing abilities.

We are happy to introduce you to the three pendulums below which radiate not only the Gold Vibration but the complete Three Sacred Energies: Gold, Ultraviolet, and the positive aspect of Negative Green.

To learn more about these vibrations, their energetic qualities and applications contact our office for information regarding Alicja’s courses or check courses list. 

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