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A pendulum is an object suspended on a thread or chain through which the energy from the human energetic system flows, creating movement in the pendulum. Pendulums have the ability to receive as well as generate energy and therefore can be used as either a sender or receiver of energy.

Pendulums are made from many different materials and in many different sizes and shapes. The most advanced and sought after pendulums are those, which are based on Sacred Geometry - the ancient Egyptian knowledge of vibrations associated with different shapes.

How to Dowse with a Pendulum 

-       With your dominant hand, hold the pendulum by its string between your thumb & index finger. Starting at the bottom of the string (closest to the pendulum) state your request or intention: “Show me my wavelength” - then walk your fingers up the string releasing it slowly until you will get a consistent movement. This is then your wavelength. Mark this spot by moving the beads on your Pendulum sting to that spot. If no beads on your Pendulum then simply remember the spot by measuring the length of string at that point against a part of your hand (such as a finger between joints). This way you will forever have a reference point to quickly allow you to remember where to hold the string for your wavelength.

-       Next, repeat in your mind: “Show me the 'YES' direction” until you see a steady, regular pattern of movement. This shows you the direction of your YES response. Repeat the process again, this time  asking for your 'NO' direction or response.

-       Now you are ready to dowse. Practice your dowsing skills as often as you can. When beginning, 15-20 minutes is a good length of time.

-       Please remember - when you dowse let go of any desires, needs or wants that may influence your outcome. Stay open to the truth. Ensure your questions are unambiguous.

-       Clear the pendulum before and after each session by tapping it gently against a hard surface (table, book, etc).

-       Observe the pendulum for the answer. Wait until it moves in a regular pattern. This can take up to 30 seconds. The pendulum first tests its environment for options, then stops, then moves in the direction of the answer. No movement implies that the question needs to be rephrased or you lost your focus. If the pendulum movement becomes erratic, take a break.

 With proper care and use, a pendulum will last a lifetime.

The only part that may require replacement due to wear and tear would be the sting or chain that the pendulum is suspended from. And to make replacement of this part simple, our pendulums are designed with twist off tops for easy replacement of the top and string with new ones that we sell. Or if you wish to replace your own string, below are some instructions on how to do this.So again, these are your options for replacing a broken string or chain if this should ever be necessary:

 Replace the string yourself:

  •  Remove the old string and thread a black 100% cotton string through the opening. Putting nail polish on the end of the string will help prevent fraying and make it easier to insert into the opening. Once it is through, make a knot to secure the string in place.
  • If you prefer to have it on a chain, you will need a short piece of copper wire (depending on pendulum, approx.2”).  Make a tight small knot at one end, thread the wire through the opening, leaving the knot inside the pendulum. To finish make a loop and attach to a copper ring (or anything that you can grip).  


We invite you to brawse our site to find dowsing tools, pendulums in this group, which you will like and will serve your needs.