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Sacred Geometry/ Alchemy Jewellery


                                  Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry teaches us how whole Universe has been created and continues to be created. It exists beyond religions, believe systems

and nationalities. It unites us in the believe in One. By understanding that we are able to take control over our own life and break free from the

chaos of material world. Ancient Egyptians believed, that understanding of Sacred Geometry is essential to the education of the soul.



Alchemy is recognized today as a highly influential philosophical tradition. Alchemy is also very old sister (precursor) of today’s chemistry and - as some claim - medicine.
However misunderstood by most people, Alchemists over millennia created coherent system of not only searching for “philosopher’s stone” or transforming base in to noble metals, but most of all of spiritual development.
However Alchemy is outcasted from mainstream science today, part of its terminology, theories or laboratory techniques are still in use today.

Find your own symbol - wear it as a pendant to change your life for better!

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