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reikienergy.jpg HEALING TREATMENTS

Alicja is a well-known and highly recognized healer, who, over the years, has learned many different and unique modalities. However she is mostly known for her dowsing skills, she also has the gift of seeing into the past lives, while receiving messages from the other side, as well as the ability to foresee the future.

Although her educational background is an engineer, she has been very passionate about metaphysics throughout her life. For over 40 years Alicja has applied very down-to-Earth approach to healing people, animals and places.  

Healing Treatments  

Alicja uses Medical Dowsing, Tibetan Reiki, Medical Chi-Gong, Phantom Surgery with Releasing Embedded Objects, Changing Core Believe Systems to mention just a few. According to your needs, she will use a combination of those techniques. When she comes in contact with your energy field, she will tap into your time line to travel through your incarnations to see whatever your soul wants to reveal to you through her.

 Basically the treatment is a “two-in-one” combination session – the healing, and the channeled information. 

Session Structure:

  • Brief examination of your energy field – followed by a discussion on what she felt while coming in contact with you
  • Chakra Balancing using Therapeutic Pendulums
  • Transforming harmful emotions stacked in your energy field
  • Clearing of non-beneficial thought forms, programming and connections from outside sources (humans and other beings)
  • Hands-on healing 
  • Final energy adjustment using Medical Dowsing
  • Conversation about the messages she received, as well as some guidance on how to potentially change your life style in order to improve your well-being.

You will learn a great deal about yourself, more then during a regular healing treatment.

Time frame: Approximately 1.5 hr.

To book an appointment, please call: 905-848-1233 or e-mail: alicja@intuitivedowsing.com

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