Our first two online courses:  The Essence of Dowsing Part 1  and  Essence of Dowsing Part 2  are ready and posted for free on our YouTube Channel. We are now preparing more courses, which will be oriented on specific fields of dowsing with a lot in-depth knowledge. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, to be immediately notified about new videos courses and events.

Through YouTube Channel we  would like to share with our old friends and new, but fascinated and intrigued people, some teachings about dowsing and spiritual development.

Our goal is to spread to as many people as we can possibly reach a more firm, science based knowledge about dowsing, which - however for some it is still mostly a hobby then a profession - is constantly a fast growing field of expertise.

Visit us often to check their availability and enrol to our mailing list, so you will receive notification every time a new course will be posted.  Enjoy!

Alicja Centre of Well-Being Team




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