PYRAMID CORNERS

Pyramids as an architectural structures exist on the world from the beginning of time.

They are based on Sacred Geometry principals and until today scientists and meta physicians argue about their real purpose. What we know, though, is that all pyramids transmit Cosmic energy to Earth to help people and planet.

We offer pyramid corners, so you can construct your own pyramid either out- or indoor. You can even alternate from large one during the Summer to smaller one for your favorite rooms during colder seasons.

The choice is yours, just browse and enjoy!

  • Pyramid Corners (for building a Skeletal Pyramid)

    Pyramid Corners (for building a Skeletal Pyramid)

    Pyramid Corners Set is to help building your very own pyramid big enough to seat inside or place objects to be energized. Excellent for rejuvenation, balancing health, meditation or energizing water, gemstones or other object. Building your own pyramid...

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  • Nikram


    The Nikram is a device for generating energy and sending it remotely to you or to others, as well as to animals, places, objects etc. It consists of a base, a copper dowsing rod, a black pyramid with holes on three sides and 2 sets of screens covered...

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