screenshot-2014-09-09-14.11.04.png   MENTORING PROGRAM
Mentoring classes are available on one-to-one bases or in-group sessions.
Mentoring is a process, therefore we advise that our clients enroll into a 6 or 12-week program, which will be held via Webinar.


The program contains elements of:
  • Basic historical facts and key figures in Metaphysics
  • Metaphysics, understood from a scientific as well as an esoteric point of view
  • Elements of Dowsing to help you enter the subtle energy level to tap into the truth and time line of whatever you are interested in pursuing
  • Clearing yourself and others, so you will succeed in achieving your goals
  • Guidelines to formulate and approach your goals
  • Basic knowledge about ritualistic work to enhance the power of your work

 Six-week program is equal to first six weeks of twelve weeks program.

After successfully completing the twelve-week program, you may attend more advanced programs.


To book a session please call:905-848-1233 or e-mail:





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