Fingerlake ASD Chapter
We invite you to two events organized by the Fingerlake ASD Chapter in November 2021, on which I will proudly present:

November 18, 2021 - Monthly Chapter Meeting I will run a lecture titled
"Scientific Dowsing - Scary or Fun?"

where we will "connect the dots" regarding dowsing. Let's talk about the evolution of shapes, their vibrations and their influence on today's dowsing - especially healing with dowsing instruments.

We will also talk about our brain – how it correlates with those shapes and tools and how we can influence it with our therapeutic pendulums?
In this very visual class, Alicja will prove that the shape of your pendulums may advance your dowsing and enhance your healing abilities.
We will see how modern dowsing strongly connects the past's wisdom with current scientific achievements, i.e. how the theory of entanglement fits dowsing? Why Zero Point Energy is essential for dowsers to understand?
To register for that event, please contact the Chapter Leaders directly: Jini (315) 450-6990
November 20, 2021 - an online, interactive course called
"Perfect Match: GNM and Dowsing".

In this workshop, I would like to assist you during your healing session. You will assess your health, understand your condition's core issue, and heal it with a pendulum. With such a personal experience, you will be ready to help others effectively!
Why people get sick, and why the triad of events: emotion-brain-organ reacts to specific traumas and shocks.
Why and how do our different embryonic layers react to specific stimuli to create sickness or a healing process.
To learn more about the events, please watch Alicja's personal message

  • The Perfect Match - GNM & Dowsing

    The Perfect Match - GNM & Dowsing

    Fingerlake ASD Chapter - on line course November 20, 2021   10 am - 2:30 pm EST   When people are suffering, the very first issue we need to address is FEAR! and PAIN! How can we, as dowsers, help?
In this workshop, I would like to...

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