Color Therapy (Chromotherapy) Pendulums

Color Therapy (Chromotherapy) Pendulums

Color Therapy Pendulums, also known as Chromotherapy, is based on sending and measuring vibrations and colors to assist in healing.

Color Therapy Pendulums, due to their ability to balance chakras and other colors in the body, are very popular among those practicing Alternative Medicine. Followers of Sacred Geometry use those pendulums to check and balance energy of places, people and objects.

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With proper care and use, a pendulum will last a lifetime.
The only part that may require replacement due to wear and tear would be the sting or chain that the pendulum is suspended from.

To read more how to replace string or chain...

  • Renova pendulum

    Renova Pendulum

    Renova is a healing/therapeutic pendulum to work on the spot as well as remotely.  Renova is an excellent healing/therapeutic pendulum working with whole spectrum of White Light. It can help you to: re-harmonize whole physical and subtle...

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  • Neutral Pendulum

    Neutral Pendulum

    Neutral is one of the best pendulums for clearing and balancing chakras. The ball comes in three sizes: 4, 5 and 6 cm. in diameter. The seven colors of the chakra system and Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, White and Black are located on the string according...

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