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screenshot-2015-04-28-21.26.23.png REIKI TREATMENTS


Reiki is one of the oldest and most-recognized Alternative Medicine disciplines, which allows practitioners to pass the Universal Life Force to those in need and allow the receiver to achieve balance and harmony in his/her energy system.

During your treatment Alicja will hold her hands over your chakras – starting from the Crown Chakra located on the top of your head, to the Base Chakra, located at the bottom of your spine. The treatment is gentle and pleasant. Light relaxation music will play to help you enjoy your treatment.

 Reiki treatment is meant to help you to:

-       Balance the energetic system

-       Improve life performance

-       Balance health

-       Enhance vitality

-       Improve sleep pattern

-       Manage dietary solutions

-       Elevate mood and life attitude

-       Boost energy level

-       Achieve relaxation state

And much more…


During your treatment Alicja also receives information about solutions to your most urgent problems. These informations are shared with you after the treatment is finished. During this period she will also discuss and explain your own experiences. 

Many people, who experienced Reiki treatments with Alicja stated that it definitely changed their life.


Alicja also treats animals.

Through Reiki treatments animals (such as small dogs or cats, or big animals such as horses) achieve better sport and life performance due to the balancing of their health and energy level. After the treatment, Alicja will share the messages she received from the animal, and discuss how to deal with the animals’ predicaments and how to understand your pet better.


To book your appointment, please contact our office: 905-848-1233 or e-mail: alicja@intuitivedowsing.com

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