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Numerology is an Anciet System based on how dates and numbers affect our lifes and personalities.

Consultation for Individuals:

Alicja will prepare in advance your chart based on European School of Numerology. She will show you your Pyramid of Life and explain the stages of your life as well as they characteristic.

Based on your date of birth and your full name she will explain your purpose in life, the path you follow right now and how to bring those two together.

  •  If you doubt your relationship – Alicja can check compatibility with your current or potential partner.
  •  If you expect child – Alicja can help you choose proper names, so you of-spring will have better chances to rich his full potential.

 At the end Alicja will analyze your signature to ad the power and expression to it.


Consultation for  Business:

- For new business – Alicja will find the proper date of registration and will check the name for proper to the type of business vibration. She will also check your logo and suggest changes. 

– For existing businesses -Alicja will check the name and the logo and will give the tips how to change it, so it will vibrationally match the purpose of your business.  If it would be necessary she will give you the dates to re-register your business.


To book a session, please call 905-848-1233 or e-mail: alicja@intuitivedowsing.com



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