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Therapeutic Pendulums (White Light)


      Therapeutic Pendulums (White Light)

Therapeutic or Healing Pendulums have shapes based on the principals of Sacred Geometry. Because their shapes give them the ability to generate energy, they can be successfully used in many types of alternative therapeutic treatments.

Pendulums on this page generate energy in the spectrum of White Light.  This makes them safe for anyone to use.  (For pendulums which radiate White Light as well as Negative Green, please refer to the Egyptian Therapeutic Pendulums category and check Karnak and Osiris).

Working with White Light allows you to access all the colour frequencies from Red to Violet, which can then be utilized to balance the human energy field or to balance places and objects.

Although Therapeutic Pendulums are used for more advanced work, they can still be used as a basic pendulum for asking life questions, determining compatibilities with objects or people, or checking sensitivities to food, supplements etc. They are actually much more sensitive and responsive than a basic pendulum for these things.

To get more in-depth information about these vibrations, their energetic qualities and applications contact our office regarding Alicja’s courses or check courses list 

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