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Egyptian Therapeutic Pendulums


          Egyptian Therapeutic Pendulums

All Egyptian Pendulums have shapes based on the principles of Sacred Geometry. Some of these shapes were found as artifacts in Egypt in the form of actual Pendulums such as Isis, Osiris and Karnak. Others, like the Universal Pendulum (UP) were developed in Egypt by French scientists inspired by the enormous power of the Sacred Geometry shapes that had been found.

Pendulums on this page are some of the most powerful therapeutic pendulums we have to offer. Two of these Pendulums (Osiris and Karnak) radiate not only the whole spectrum of White Light, but also the Electric (or Vertical) Aspect of the Negative Green Vibration. Because of this, these Pendulums should be used by those with an understanding of working with this complex frequency. 

All Egyptian Pendulums can be used successfully to balance the chakras or the entire energetic system as well as individual organs or parts of the body. 

Due to their extensive emission of White Light, these pendulums may also be effective in charging places or objects with this desired energy quality. In this case, the Negative Green is used only as a carrier wave for the desired frequency and therefore not harmful.

To get more in-depth information about these vibrations, their energetic qualities and applications contact our office regarding Alicja’s courses or check courses list

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