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European dowsing, called Radiesthesia, is based on the Physics of Vibration, which today is known as  Quantum Physics.

It is also based on a fascinating body of knowledge from ancient Egypt called Sacred Geometry. In these DVDs you will discover Alicja's immense knowledge of Dowsing, along with fascinating stories and legends, and her personal experiences as well as knowledge of scientific facts - all intertwined to give you a learning experience not easily found elsewhere.

Dowsing is a means of connecting with everything and everyone in the universe through the use of various specialized tools. This is possible because of a simple energetic principal that everything vibrates. Therefore, if it vibrates, it can be detected by dowsing tools which can be tuned into specific frequencies.

In this category you will find instructional DVDs leading you through the many fields of dowsing, such as: environmental, therapeutic, colour therapy and remote dowsing.

We also offer enlightening informational DVDs from various lectures and presentations that Alicja has given at different conferences around the world.

Preview trailers are provided to give you a sense of what you can learn in these DVDs.