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Returning to the Roots

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One of our clients came today, and mentioned how scattered she has been recently. She also mentioned that she read my previous blogs and paid especial attention to the one about St. John, New Brunswick, simply because she was born in New Brunswick. We did not have much time to have a longer conversation, but I mentioned that it is good to go back to the source, the roots from time to time especially when we feel lost.

Since “walking my talk” matters a lot to me, it brought up my memories and the experiences when I returned to my country of origin in order to remind myself of who I am. I do that when I feel lost, scattered or forlorn. I mentioned many times, last blog included, about the importance of our roots. Even though we do not regret moving somewhere else or have remorse for being happy in another country. In my case – I found myself in Canada. I am very happy here and I love my new (not so new anymore) country.

I believe that there is a reason we are born at a specific place on the planet. The language, culture, the vibrations of that soil, specific customs and cuisine – all that make us who we are in the depth of our core. It helps us to be strong, persistent and ready to move forward. So we move. And there we are: on new soil, new language, new customs – everything new. If we wouldn’t be prepared, it would be hard. But we took our courage from our ancestors and fatherland, so we can succeed. Properly equipped we learn, assimilate and charge forward. How many times have you heard that immigrants are more successful, more determined and higher achievers then aboriginal people? Is it only because we do not take anything for granted? I do not think so. I think that we all are acutely aware where we will finally live, so the very first part of our life, the life in the country where we were born, is like a pre-school to make us tougher.

Even the toughest person in the world needs some down time, petty time, the time when we want to vent, stop and stand still. In my world nothing works better then going back to the source. To me a birthplace is like coming back to the womb to feel safe and secure, to re-charge myself and regain the original energy of me, to connect with my very first essence and remind myself who I truly am. Everything looks different from a distance, but from your place of origin it not only looks right but most of all it looks achievable, it allows us to set new goals, to see our future in a proper perspective. Albert Einstein brought us the concept of timeline on which we can go back and forth to find what we are searching for. If we need to open a new chapter of our life it is the best to go back to the starting point. To me that time is always a reference point in my every new endeavor.

I hope you will also be able to trace your origin and go there. If you have never done it before, you may find it extremely refreshing. When it is close to your present location, it will not require a lot of effort. If it is far away – it may entail more work and costs, but it will pay off. Those of you, who came form far, will have a real shift. That’s why I advised my client to go back and revisit her roots… Good luck!

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